About Us

In the year 1980, Mike Wood was the first professional to create a chimney cleaning business in San Antonio, Texas. During that era, many south Texans did not fathom the idea of chimney cleaning. This belief was rooted in the fact that the northern states were much colder during the winter, thus meaning that chimneys were burned more frequently. This is somewhat true, however, reality showed a different view. Creosote, the infernal villain of master sweeps, had a stronghold in the south Texas area. A numerous amount of Texas residents, city slickers and farmers alike, were succumbing to chimney flue fires. Many lives were lost, due to the neglect of a fireplace and improper chimney maintenance from “fly by night” pseudo sweeps. Mike Wood vowed to become the most upstanding sweep in Texas, and his service saved thousands from a grim fate. Ultimately Mr. Wood passed away in 2012, but his legacy is evident today as the eldest, and most trusted chimney sweeping company in the south Texas area.